Our knowledge of the SE MA and RI real estate markets is invaluable to sellers.

While the value of any property is just an educated guess until the buyer and seller settle on a number,

Blu Sky can develop a market report to provide you with a solid valuation estimate based on actual sold property in the area.

Then we market your property using both traditional and digital methods to increase visibility.

Blu Sky takes the seller from an idea through a complex and detailed process to reach the final destination -- a check on the table at closing.




Our experienced agents will provide you with a clear interpretation of all available data to help define the current market value of your property.

What is my property

really worth?

Can I trust all the info I find online?

Marketing Your Property

Our approach to marketing your property involves both the real world and the digital world online.  We spend significant resources, time and effort in syndicating your listing information on dozens of websites including Zillow, Trulia, and others.


Studies show that potential buyers place great value on 'seeing' the property before they even schedule an visit.Images are critical to internet marketing. We take a complete, expert array of professional-quality images to showcase your property.

Still Photography  .  Slide Shows  

Virtual Tours  .  Video

We will work with you to produce the very best marketing approach for your property. Virtual tours, when appropriate, can be created using still photography or video, with or without audio voice-over.  Aerial photography and video is becoming a popular marketing tool, particularly for expansive or estate properties.


Potential buyers will be able to find your property listing on many online sources. While online visibility is important to marketing, deals are closed by people not websites.  

Blu Sky agents are known for their people skills and sales expertise. Once direct contact is made with a possible buyer, the art of the sale begins. We strive to make every accomodation, offer showings and open houses, that allow our agents to fully represent you and your property.

Helping our clients objectively evaluate their property for marketability is extremely important.  While many realtors do a quick once-over to get the information for the MLS® listing, we get into details -- features, characteristics, and the condition of your home or property.

How does your home compare to other similar properties in the market? Every potential buyer will compare the features of your property with the competition.  We will offer ideas and strategies to improve your property in the current market environment.

Interior features and characteristics:  While the number of bedrooms and baths is not something you're likely to change in order to sell your house, you may consider improvements that will increase your competition factor:

Floor Plan and Room Size   .  Floors and Walls    

Kitchen and Bath Features  .  LIghting and Windows

Exterior appearance: Curb appeal really makes a difference!  The exterior condition of your house and landscaping is the first thing a prospective buyer sees when they drive up. Sometimes small improvements can yield big results.

Overall Condition: Doing minor repairs also makes a big difference.  Many buyers assume the need for small 'fixes' indicates a general lack of fundamental maintenance over time.  We'll be honest with you about things we see that need to be addressed -- from scarred walls and doors to cracked window panes -- from peeling paint to dead shrubs.

Proper Price Listing: Properties listed at the right price sell fastest and put the most money into their sellers’ pockets. Under–pricing can cost you money. Over–pricing is a really bad practice that can keep a property on the market longer than necessary and end up with price reductions and low–ball offers.

Price Negotiations: Good markets or slow markets, buyers are always trying to pay the lowest price or negotiate for seller concessions. We do this every day, and we’ll help you to respond to offers and counter offers unemotionally and with the very best end result.

Inspection and Repair Negotiations: Price negotiations are only the beginning. Once a contract is in place, there are documents, disclosures and inspections to get past. Any of these items can result in further negotiations and can make or break a deal.