It takes more than a trained real estate agent to understand the needs and concerns of buyer clients. It takes someone who has been there, someone who has the same concerns when they’re shopping for the perfect property.

Every year buying property becomes more complex with government legislation, environmental laws, and documentation requirements. The legal aspects of a home purchase can be daunting, especially for a first-time buyer.

The professionals at Blu Sky are here to help you from start to finish. Call us at 508-557-0022, or email us to get us started in working for you.

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Blu Sky Real Estate is recommended highly by our past buyer clients because we provide a much higher level of property search services!

First, you can view our MLS listings easily at a click!  We won’t make you jump through hoops just to take a peek at our listings.

While you can visit MLS® every day and search for new listings, there’s a far better and more efficient way to get the job done. Use our PERSONALIZED SEARCH FORM.  Just give us a few details about the home you’re looking for, and we’ll create a customized search for you.

We’ll alert you with with emails when new listings that meet your criteria hit the market. We will also alert you to price reductions.



Finding the right property for you is our primary goal, but helping you locate the best sources for the best financing is just as important. Every mortgage broker and most lenders tend to work within their own requirements and procedures. We know which ones are going to treat you right and give you the best terms.

Since the mortgage and housing crisis of 2007, it’s become a grueling process for working families and those who are self–employed person to get a mortgage. Lenders and their underwriters scrutinize financial, income, and expense information very closely. Be prepared to dig out a lot of documentation, and it’s best to be forthcoming with any financial information that impacts your ability to pay the mortgage payment.

It’s highly recommended that you not add any credit card or other debt between the purchase contract and the closing. Just before closing, most lenders will do another credit check and a check for any liens or encumbrances.

What you should know about Adjustable Rate Mortgages:  if your plan is to own a home seven or fewer years (particularly five or fewer), ARM may be appropriate for your situation to lower your monthly mortgage payment, sometimes by hundreds of dollars. ARM can also allow a buyer to qualify for a larger home. However, when an ARM fixed rate interest period is over, rates can escalate dramatically and that can be devastating to some homeowners.








At Blu Sky, we help our buyers understand the competitive nature of real estate markets and price negotiation.  By understanding your motivations and financial capabilities, we can help you craft a price negotiation strategy with the highest probability of success.

Sometimes negotiations aren’t all about price. A great contract can involve other seller concessions that create the right deal for you.  Through Comparative (or Competitive) Market Analysis, we help you to negotiate from a position of strength.

Many real estate price negotiations involve multiple counter offers and a lot of back–and–forth. We’re with you with each counter offer to adjust your negotiation strategy accordingly.  

It’s both exciting and stressful to negotiate a real estate purchase contract. Once it is signed by the sellers, buyers can relax a bit while your Blu Sky agent and our closing assistance staff deal with more negotiations, document deliveries, inspections, title details and mortgage tasks.

There are a number of companies and people involved in a real estate transaction, including lawyers, surveyors, appraiser, title company, mortgage broker, lender, loan underwriter, both agents, and possibly others. Each has specific duties targeted on their specific niche in the deal. As your buyer agent, we’re your “go-to” resource to bring it all together.

A lot of this activity goes on behind the scenes. There are more than 50 specific due dates and tasks on our average transaction checklist and meeting all deadlines is one of our jobs:

     •     Post contract delivery of documents to the title company and ordering of a title binder or commitment.

     •     Deposit of earnest money and delivery of receipt to the buyer client.

     •     Helping our buyers to order inspections and coordinating them and providing access to assure they’re completed on time.

     •     Coordinating timely delivery of any documents objecting to disclosures, inspection results, or title binder issues discovered.

     •     Coordinating appraisal and appraiser access.

     •     Working with mortgage company and coordinating delivery of documents they require.

     •     Assisting our buyers with any negotiations related to contingencies, inspections or documents.

     •     Constant monitoring of status of all processes at the title company.

It’s critical that we make all deadlines and keep the transaction on track to avoid defaulting on any terms of the contract. We’ll keep your real estate transaction on track and only bother you when necessary, telling you what we need and when, and moving you through to a successful closing.


It’s our job to help you order and schedule the proper inspections and make sure they’re completed on time. Failure to complete inspections or objections to the results by deadline dates can result in the buyer’s inability to take any action based on the late results. We make sure this doesn’t happen.

Inspection can reveal unexpected issues to be addressed with the seller. This is a second negotiation in the contract process. We go over inspection results with our buyers and prepare documents required to request seller action and corrections. Sellers do not normally have an obligation to undertake corrective action, so it becomes a critical negotiation, especially if the problems are significant.

Sometimes creativity needs to be applied to keep your home deal moving when the seller balks at your repair or corrective action requests. We maintain an extensive contractor list to get a job done at a price the seller will agree to.

Your deal may require the following inspections.  Some may be combined and provided by a single inspector.

     •     Structure

     •     Roof

     •     Mechanical equipment

     •     Plumbing

     •     Electrical

     •     Pests & insect infestation

     •     Mold & other environmental hazards

     •     Wells & water quality

     •     Septic systems